Wong Halves

Wong Halves is a complex, Level 3 card counting system that was developed by Stanford Wong. Wong explains this method in his popular book, Professional Blackjack.

As one of the most complicated methods of card counting, Wong Halves are not advised for beginning card counters. If you are new to blackjack card counting then it is better to start with simpler methods like the Hi-Lo strategy, KISS and Knock Out blackjack. However, if you are already proficient in these methods and are looking to achieve a much more accurate count then Wong Halves may be the method for you.

One of the things that makes Wong Halves more difficult than other card counting systems is that some cards are given fraction values, rather than whole numbers. In Wong Halves, cards are valued as follows:

  • 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces are given a value of -1
  • 2s and 7s are given a value of ½
  • 3s, 4s and 6s are given a value of 1
  • 5s are given a value of 1 ½
  • 8s are given a value of 0
  • 9s are given a value of -½

Many card counters that use the Wong Halves system find it easier to double each of these values to avoid the fractions. This makes the Wong Halves method much easier to use.

If you want to use Wong Halves then it is important to practice a lot before you try it out in a casino. The complexity of the system can throw off your game if you are not totally sure of yourself. Memorize all of the values and then practice by counting through a deck of cards. Wong Halves is a balanced system, so when you finish going through a deck you should end up with a count of 0.